Package jreversepro.revengine

Interface Summary
BranchConstants This interface contains the constants used by branch types.
JReverseEngineer Common interface to decompiler and disassembler

Class Summary
JBranchComparator Comparator for comparing two branch entries.
JBranchEntry JBranchEntry refers to a single conditional BranchEntry only.
JBranchTable JBranchTable manages the objects of JGotoEntry and JBranchEntry.
JCaseComparator Comparator for comparing two case entries.
JCaseEntry JCaseEntry is the abstract representation of a case entry
JCollatingTable JCollating table is responsible for collating the table objects.
JDecompiler This decompiles the source code.
JDisAssembler JDisAssembler writes out the assebly byte codes.
JSerializer Serializes the Classes to a string buffer.
JSwitchTable JSwitchTable represents the 'switch' statement as entry pairs as follows.

Exception Summary
RevEngineException Exception class thrown in case of any error while decompiling/ disassembling the .class file.

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